Anniversary of Presidential Program: 20 Years in Russia, days of visit to Finland in 2009

2017-11-29 It's 8 years this day, I visited Finland for follow up abroad internship of the Presidential Program on Training Managers and Executives for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation and It's 20 years Anniversary of the Presidential Program this year.

It was a very useful business travel. I saw a country with high business communication, business education, business etiquette, work-life-balance, state with highly developed infrastructure and services. I saw Finns make genuine efforts to be respect and polite the religions and culture of the other people, for example:
  • During the Finland's Independence Day, President of Finland Tarja Halonen visited the main Uspenski Cathedral of the Finnish Orthodox Church, at my presence.
  • During our meals, for our muslim businessman was found and prepared halal food.
FINTRA, - The Finnish institute for international Trade was very friendly and very, very welcoming. "The program has included lectures, discussions, group and case work". "The program focuses on strategic planning and implementing the strategy in the key areas of international business with emphasis on management and leadership".

We visited small, mid-size and large, for example: Nokia, companies. We also visited numerous Finnish organizations:
  • Administration of Finnish municipalities. Where we met the heads of municipal administration.
  • Finland Chamber of Commerce.
  • Embassy of the Russian Federation in Helsinki.
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.
  • and others
  • Ex-Advisor to the President of Finland / Minister-Counsellor Embassy of Finland in Russia / "Fintra" Advisor: Annikki Halko;
  • Program Director: Tuija Eloranta;
  • Program Manager: Eila Lintunen;
  • Program Coordinator: Elena Belle;
  • My dear Finland related friends: Pasi Petays, Thorbjorn Toby Siren, Sergej Gorbatenko, Elena Kemler, Rebekah O'Sullivan, Aleksandr Shahverdov, Anna Shahverdova, Beznikova Irina, Belimov Ilja, Beljanchikov Evgenij, Vasilchenko Andrej, Zheltjakova Marija, Kozlov Dmitrij, Krupskaja Nadezhda, Lomeeva Marija, Lucko Sergej, Markina Marina, Nikolaeva Olga, Nikonov Ruslan, Paklin Andrej, Stroitelev Sergej, Suharev Vladimir, Uporin Denis
Your experience and assistance was precious.

Best regards,
Director General ООО "Ростъ"

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